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The development of models to assess air pollution exposures within cities for assignment to subjects in health studies has been identified as a priority area for future research. This paper reviews models for assessing intraurban exposure under six classes, including: (i) proximity-based assessments, (ii) statistical interpolation, (iii) land use regression(More)
Bloom filters are a randomized data structure for membership queries dating back to 1970. Bloom filters sometimes give erroneous answers to queries, called false positives. Bloom analyzed the probability of such erroneous answers, called the false-positive rate, and Bloom's analysis has appeared in many publications throughout the years. We show that(More)
A mode of a multiset S is an element a∈S of maximum multiplicity; that is, a occurs at least as frequently as any other element in S. Given an array A[1:n] of n elements, we consider a basic problem: constructing a static data structure that efficiently answers range mode queries on A. Each query consists of an input pair of indices (i,j) for which a mode(More)
BACKGROUND Local Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYCs) collect timely and relevant local data, but knowledge translation is needed for the data to be useful. Maps represent an ideal tool to interpret local data. While geographic information system (GIS) technology is available, it is less clear what users require from this technology for evidence-informed(More)
The family histories of 140 children and adolescents with hyperactive child syndrome were compared with the family histories of 91 psychiatrically ill, age- and sex-matched patients who had a primary diagnosis other than hyperactive child syndrome. Parents of hyperactive children were more likely to have antisocial personality and Briquet's syndrome(More)
The author interviewed 60 women with somatization disorder and 31 women with primary affective disorders who were matched for race, age at interview, and level of education to obtain their childhood sexual development histories. The two groups of women reported similar sexual experiences at similar ages, except that significantly more women with(More)
OBJECTIVE With the explosion of research in psychiatric neuroscience, the extent and means by which neuroscientific progress will translate into clinical care remains largely uncertain. The authors sought to determine how this dilemma is currently being played out in residency training programs, in which training directors must decide how best to integrate(More)
We develop a number of space-efficient tools including an approach to simulate divide-and-conquer space-efficiently, stably selecting and unselecting a subset from a sorted set, and computing the kth smallest element in one dimension from a multi-dimensional set that is sorted in another dimension. We then apply these tools to solve several geometric(More)