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It is hypothesized that emotional arousal modulates long-term memory consolidation through the amygdala. Gaseous anesthetic agents are among the most potent drugs that cause temporary amnesia, yet the effects of inhalational anesthesia on human emotional memory processing remain unknown. To study this, two experiments were performed with the commonly used(More)
The neural correlates of consciousness must be identified, but how? Anesthetics can be used as tools to dissect the nervous system. Anesthetics not only allow for the experimental investigation into the conscious-unconscious state transition, but they can also be titrated to subanesthetic doses in order to affect selected components of consciousness such as(More)
STUDY DESIGN Clinical measurement. OBJECTIVES To determine the interrater and intrarater reliability of the active hip abduction (AHAbd) test. BACKGROUND The AHAbd test is used to assess lumbopelvic movement during a dynamic lower limb activity. The test has previously been shown to predict low back pain development during a prolonged standing exposure(More)
Two distinct patterns of sweet taste liking have been described: one showing a peak liking response in the mid-range of sucrose concentrations and the other showing a monotonic liking response at progressively higher sucrose concentrations. Classification of these patterns has been somewhat arbitrary. In this report, we analyzed patterns of sweet taste(More)
BACKGROUND There are two established techniques of prostate biopsy: the more widely used transrectal technique, and the transperineal technique. Although the transrectal technique is faster, it is reported to have an increased risk of septic complications, which may be life threatening. The present study compares complication rates of both techniques at(More)
Our goal was to determine whether the extent of off-line performance improvements on a visuomotor task depends on the amount of practice individuals experience prior to a 24-h between-session break. Subjects completed ten trials of a mirror-tracing task over two days. On Day 1, subjects experienced either one, three or seven trials. Twenty-four hours later(More)
Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA) is a congenital erythroid aplasia or hypoplasia presenting in infancy as a macrocytic anemia. It has been linked to a gene defect resulting in the absence of specific ribosomal proteins that enable erythroid maturation. Treacher Collins syndrome is also associated with defective ribosomal biogenesis. Fifty percent of patients(More)
Normocephalic pancraniosynostosis is a rare form of craniosynostosis that usually presents later in life secondary to a delayed onset of symptoms and the presence of a normal head shape. Since its initial description in the literature in 2010, normocephalic pancraniosynostosis remains a rare clinical entity that has only been reported in 6 patients.(More)
INTRODUCTION The Active Hip Abduction (AHAbd) test is an observationbased, clinical assessment of frontal plane lumbopelvic control during dynamic hip abduction performed in sidelying [1,2]. The test is scored from 0-3 based on presence of aberrant movement; 0/1 is considered (-) and 2/3 considered (+). The test has been shown to predict low back pain (LBP)(More)