Jason Meltzer

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We present a method for learning feature descriptors using multiple images, motivated by the problems of mobile robot navigation and localization. The technique uses the relative simplicity of small baseline tracking in image sequences to develop descriptors suitable for the more challenging task of wide baseline matching across significant viewpoint(More)
In this paper we introduce the Caltech Multi-Vehicle Wireless Testbed (MVWT), a platform for testing decentralized control methodologies for multiple vehicle coordination and formation stabilization. The testbed consists of eight mobile vehicles, an overhead vision system that provides GPS-like state information and wireless Ethernet for communications.(More)
— We propose a vision-based SLAM algorithm incorporating feature descriptors derived from multiple views of a scene, incorporating illumination and viewpoint variations. These descriptors are extracted from video and then applied to the challenging task of wide baseline matching across significant viewpoint changes. The system incorporates a single camera(More)
This paper presents the Golem Group/University of California at Los Angeles entry to the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge competition. We describe the main design principles behind the development of Golem 2, the race vehicle. The subsystems devoted to obstacle detection, avoidance, and state estimation are discussed in more detail. An overview of vehicle(More)
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