Jason Matusiak

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Laboratory-based wireless testbeds are essential for performing repeatable experiments with experimental protocols and devices. Several many-to-many wireless emulators have been proposed and built, but existing systems still rely on simplified channel models, such as free-space path loss, or general stochastic fading models. We have begun using(More)
The potato cyst nematode (Globodera rostochiensis) induces feeding sites (syncytia) in tomato and potato roots. In a previous study, 135 tomato genes up-regulated during G. rostochiensis migration and syncytium development were identified. Five genes (CYP97A29, DFR, FLS, NIK and PMEI) were chosen for further study to examine their roles in plant–nematode(More)
Laboratory-based multi-node wireless testbeds are essential to building and experimenting with mobile wireless networks such as MANETs, DTNs, or custom radios and protocols. Several systems based on many-to-many channel emulators have been built, however these systems rely on either a simple deterministic channel model such as free-space path loss, or a(More)