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Selective inhibition of the inducible isoform of prostaglandin G/H synthase (cyclooxygenase-2; COX2; EC can be achieved with compounds of the general form of aryl methyl sulfonyls and aryl methyl sulfonamides. DuP 697 and NS-398 are representative examples of these compounds. Both inhibit the constitute (COX1) and inducible (COX2) isoforms of the(More)
In the first experiment, rats were trained on a working memory task for a spatial response (right-left turn) information using a delayed matching-to-sample procedure. Following lesions of the medial prefrontal cortex (MPF), which includes anterior cingulate and medial precentral cortex, there was a profound working memory deficit even at the shortest delay.(More)
The behavioral effects of psychomotor stimulants such as amphetamine (AMPH) arise from their ability to elicit increases in extracellular dopamine (DA). These AMPH-induced increases are achieved by DA transporter (DAT)-mediated transmitter efflux. Recently, we have shown that AMPH self-administration is reduced in rats that have been depleted of insulin(More)
Rats were trained on a successive delayed conditional discrimination task measuring memory for magnitude of reinforcement. In the study phase of the task, the rats were given one of two cereals. One cereal contained 25% sugar; the other 50% sugar. One of the two cereals was always designated the positive stimulus and the other the negative stimulus. This(More)
A general deterioration is occurring in the quality of life of rural Americans, and it is affecting the quality of health and mental health service delivery. About 24% of the U.S. population lives in nonmetropolitan areas where the citizens are older, less well educated, have lower incomes, and are more homogeneous in terms of race and ethnicity. Medicare(More)
Memory for magnitude of reinforcement was assessed in rats using a go/no-go short-term memory paradigm. During the task's study phase rats were given a piece of cereal comprised of either 25 or 50% sugar. For all trials, one of the cereal types was designated positive, the other negative. On the ensuing test phase the rat was presented with an object which(More)
Chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) can offer information about protons associated with mobile proteins through the amide proton transfer (APT) effect, which has been shown to discriminate tumor from healthy tissue and, more recently, has been suggested as a prognosticator of response to therapy. Despite this promise, APT effects are small (only a(More)
The status of the immunoglobulin (Ig) genes was investigated in patients with idiopathic nonmalignant monoclonal IgG cryoglobulinemia (NCG). In NCG, monoclonal antibodies are synthesized at an accelerated rate by nonmalignant B lymphocytes. In order to determine whether this high production rate is related to a clonal B cell expansion, the rearrangement of(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that the IgM monoclonal anti-IgG autoantibodies (AGAs) characteristic of essential mixed cryoglobulinaemia (EMC) display preferential use of kappa light chains of the VKiiib sub-subgroup. In order to gain insights as to the possible basis for this V region selection, IgM-VKiiib immunoglobulin was affinity purified from(More)
PURPOSE The authors propose a method whereby serially acquired DCE-MRI, DW-MRI, and FDG-PET breast data sets can be spatially and temporally coregistered to enable the comparison of changes in parameter maps at the voxel level. METHODS First, the authors aligned the PET and MR images at each time point rigidly and nonrigidly. To register the MR images(More)