Jason M. Selzer

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In this paper, we present a novel stereo algorithm that combines the strengths of region-based stereo and dynamic programming on a tree approaches. Instead of formulating an image as individual scan-lines or as a pixel tree, a new region tree structure, which is built as a minimum spanning tree on the adjacency-graph of an over-segmented image, is used for(More)
A recent emphasis on security has resulted in increased research attention being offered to the field of individual identification based on “biometrics”. A biometric feature is an inherent physical or behavioural trait that is unique among individuals. Easily acquired biometric features include fingerprints, gait, facial features, and voice. In addition to(More)
This paper presents a backward disparity-based rendering algorithm, which runs at real-time speed on programmable graphics hardware. The algorithm requires only a handful of image samples of the scene and estimated noisy disparity maps, whereas most existing techniques need either dense samples or accurate depth information. To color a given pixel in the(More)
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