Jason M. Reed

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Two patients with presumed hippocampal formation lesions and two patients with more extensive temporal lobe damage, all of whom became amnesic in a known year, were given tests of anterograde and retrograde memory function. The two patients with hippocampal formation lesions had moderately severe anterograde amnesia and limited retrograde amnesia for facts(More)
A recent literature survey of results from a widely used recognition memory test raised questions about the extent to which recognition memory impairment ordinarily occurs in human amnesia and, in particular, whether recognition memory is impaired at all after damage limited to the hippocampal region (J. P. Aggleton & C. Shaw, 1996). Experiment 1 examined(More)
Exposure to members of a category facilitates later categorization of similar but novel instances of the category. Past studies have suggested that category knowledge can be acquired implicitly and independently of declarative memory. However, these studies have relied on dot pattern stimuli that, unlike most real-world objects, are difficult to verbalize(More)
Three amnesic patients with damage limited to the hippocampal formation, a severely amnesic patient with extensive medial temporal lobe damage, and 9 controls were tested on the transverse patterning problem (A + B-, B + C-, and C + A-) and also on 2 control problems. One of the control problems was matched to the transverse patterning problem with respect(More)
Extended exposure to study material can markedly improve subsequent recognition memory performance in amnesic patients, even the densely amnesic patient H.M. To understand this phenomenon, the severely amnesic patient E.P., 3 other amnesic patients, and controls studied pictorial material and then were given either a yes-no (Experiment 1) or a(More)
Myostatin (MSTN) is a secreted growth inhibitor expressed in muscle and adipose. We sought to determine whether expression of MSTN, its receptor activin RIIb (ActRIIb), or its binding protein follistatin-like-3 (FSTL3) are altered in subcutaneous or visceral adipose or in skeletal muscle in response to obesity. MSTN and ActRIIb mRNA levels were low in(More)
Cloud enabled systems have become a crucial component to efficiently process and analyze massive amounts of data. One of the key data processing and analysis operations is the Similarity Join, which retrieves all data pairs whose distances are smaller than a pre-defined threshold ∈. Even though multiple algorithms and implementation techniques have(More)
OBJECTIVE To predict effectiveness of 3 interventional methods of population control for feral cat colonies. DESIGN Population model. SAMPLE Estimates of vital data for feral cats. PROCEDURES Data were gathered from the literature regarding the demography and mating behavior of feral cats. An individual-based stochastic simulation model was developed(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to anthropogenic chemicals during development can disrupt the morphogenesis of organ systems. Use of the herbicide atrazine has been debated in recent years because of its implicated, but poorly characterized, effects on vertebrates. Previous studies primarily examined the effects of atrazine exposure during metamorphosis or early(More)
We recently demonstrated that mRNA levels of three members of the CCAAT/enhancer binding factor (C/EBP) family of transcription factors are increased in skeletal muscle following 12 days of spaceflight. In the present study, we further explored the expression of C/EBP-δ in atrophying fast skeletal muscle by examining its expression in muscle from(More)