Jason M. Hargreaves

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With an increasing consumption of lipids nowadays, decreasing the fat content in food products has become a trend. Chocolate is a fat-based suspension that contains about 30%wt fat. Reducing fat content causes an increase in the molten chocolate viscosity. This leads to 2 major issues: difficulties in the process and a loss of eating quality in the final(More)
A one-pot, multi-component reaction for the synthesis of highly substituted tetrahydropyran-4-ones, based on the long forgotten Maitland-Japp reaction has been realised. Two different aldehydes and a derivative of a beta-ketoester can be condensed regioselectively in the presence of a Lewis acid to form tetrahydropyran-4-ones in excellent yields. The(More)
One of the main culprits in modern drug discovery is apparent cardiotoxicity of many lead-candidates via inadvertent pharmacologic blockade of K+, Ca2+ and Na+ currents. Many drugs inadvertently block hERG1 leading to an acquired form of the Long QT syndrome and potentially lethal polymorphic ventricular tachycardia. An emerging strategy is to rely on(More)
Chemo-enzymatic strategies hold great potential for the development of stereo- and regioselective syntheses of structurally defined bioactive oligosaccharides. Herein, we illustrate the potential of the appropriate combination of a planned chemo-enzymatic pathway and an engineered biocatalyst for the multistep synthesis of an important decasaccharide for(More)
Shigella flexneri serotypes 1b and 1a are Gram-negative enteroinvasive bacteria causing shigellosis in humans. The O-antigen from S. flexneri 1b is a { → 2)-[3Ac/4Ac]-α-L-RHAP-(1 → 2)-α-L-Rhap-(1 → 3)-[2Ac]-α-L-Rhap-(1 → 3)-[α-D-Glcp-(1 → 4)]-β-D-GlcpNAc-(1 → }n branched polysaccharide ({(Ac)AB(Ac)C(E)D}n). It is identical to that from S. flexneri 1a,(More)
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