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Single molecule localization based super-resolution imaging techniques require repeated localization of many single emitters. We describe a method that uses the maximum likelihood estimator to localize multiple emitters simultaneously within a single, two-dimensional fitting sub-region, yielding an order of magnitude improvement in the tolerance of the(More)
Many cellular signaling processes are initiated by dimerization or oligomerization of membrane proteins. However, since the spatial scale of these interactions is below the diffraction limit of the light microscope, the dynamics of these interactions have been difficult to study on living cells. We have developed a novel high-speed hyperspectral microscope(More)
Podosomes are multimolecular mechanosensory assemblies that coordinate mesenchymal migration of tissue-resident dendritic cells. They have a protrusive actin core and an adhesive ring of integrins and adaptor proteins, such as talin and vinculin. We recently demonstrated that core actin oscillations correlate with intensity fluctuations of vinculin but not(More)
Advances in microscopy now enable researchers to easily acquire multi-channel three-dimensional (3D) images and 3D time series (4D). However, processing, analyzing, and displaying this data can often be difficult and time- consuming. We discuss some of the software tools and techniques that are available to accomplish these tasks.
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