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The database of molecular motions, MolMovDB (http://molmovdb.org), has been in existence for the past decade. It classifies macromolecular motions and provides tools to interpolate between two conformations (the Morph Server) and predict possible motions in a single structure. In 2005, we expanded the services offered on MolMovDB. In particular, we further(More)
Phosphorylation has emerged as a crucial regulatory mechanism in the nervous system to integrate the dynamic signalling required for proper synaptic development, function and plasticity, particularly during changes in neuronal activity. Here we present evidence that Minibrain (Mnb; also known as Dyrk1A), a serine/threonine kinase implicated in autism(More)
Safe, intuitive human-robot interaction requires that robots intelligently interface with their environments, ideally sensing and localizing physical contact across their link surfaces. We introduce a stretchable smart skin sensor that provides this function. Stretchability allows it to conform to arbitrary robotic link surfaces. It senses contact over(More)
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