Jason Lestina

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We describe a graphical user interface designed to allow non-expert users to pose 3D characters to create American Sign Language (ASL) computer animation. The interface is an important component of a software system that allows educators of the Deaf to add sign language translation, in the form of 3D character animations, to digital learning materials, thus(More)
The paper reports a study that aimed to determine whether character's visual style has an effect on how signing avatars are perceived by viewers. The stimuli of the study were two polygonal characters that presented two different visual styles: stylized and realistic. Each character signed four sentences. Forty-seven participants with experience in American(More)
This article reviews pharmacological approaches used to overcome treatment resistance in patients with serious unipolar depressive disorders. Resistant depression is defined as depression the symptoms of which persist despite adequate treatment. Main causes of unsuccessful treatment are incorrect diagnosis, inadequate duration of treatment or inadequate(More)
  • J Lestina
  • Casopís lékar̆ů c̆eských
  • 1997
The article presents a brief review of therapies of the affective disorders. Two basic approaches are used: psychotherapeutic and biological, which comprises mainly pharmacotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy. The treatment may be divided into 3 stages as concerns the time course: acute treatment, continuation treatment, prophylactic treatment.(More)
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