Jason L Roberts

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Universal definitions of ethical issues related to medical publishing have remained somewhat elusive. Training in the art of writing for medical journals is inconsistent and most commonly informal, involving collaborative efforts between mentors and students. This approach inadvertently may perpetuate erroneous assumptions as to what constitutes acceptable(More)
F or readers to assess the validity of research and replicate its results or for editors to effectively judge the accuracy and true potential impact of an article, authors must carefully—and comprehensively— document their study methodology and findings. Sadly, as has been repeatedly recorded, failure to report essential methodological elements is prevalent(More)
We examine the politics of the “Salary Grab” of 1873, legislation that increased congressional salaries retroactively by 50 percent. A group of New England and Midwestern elites opposed the Salary Grab, along with congressional franking and patronage-based civil service appointments, as part of a reform effort to reshape “who should govern Congress.” Our(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet has transformed scholarly publishing, most notably, by the introduction of open access publishing. Recently, there has been a rise of online journals characterized as 'predatory', which actively solicit manuscripts and charge publications fees without providing robust peer review and editorial services. We carried out a(More)
Sajedeh Eftekhari obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science followed by a Master’s degree in Biomedicine in 2007, at Lund University in the field of Ophthalmology. Subsequent to her studies she worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist at the Department of Transplantation at Lund University Hospital. In 2009, she began her PhD studies at the(More)