Jason L. Harris

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Prior isothermal uniaxial isotonic tests on tendons reveal that higher temperatures hasten the rate of thermal denaturation whereas larger mechanical loads delay it; moreover, these findings suggest a time-temperature-load equivalency whereby similar levels of denaturation, as reflected by tissue shrinkage, can be attained via many combinations of heating(More)
Adults with mild mental retardation and equal-MA children and adults without mental retardation were required to (a) tactually examine single letters, two-letter words, bigrams, and Chinese characters with their right or left index finger and (b) indicate whether a visually presented stimulus was the tactually examined stimulus by saying "same" or(More)
Measures of external life stress, trait anxiety, self-concept, subjective stress and three measures of imagery were taken on 188 college students and were used to predict seriousness of illness in an attempt (1) to determine if cognitive mediating variables could significantly add to external life stress in the prediction of seriousness of illness, and (2)(More)
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