Jason L. Freeman

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Earlier studies of phosphine-substituted terthiophenes have demonstrated that some of these materials exhibit nonlinear absorption at 532 nm. However, this wavelength is significantly removed from the linear absorption maxima of the complexes, suggesting that better nonlinear absorption might be observed at wavelengths closer to the linear absorption(More)
Organic chromophores with charge asymmetry may exhibit significant second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) properties. Metal complexes have been used as the donor, the acceptor, or as the bridge in some of these chromophores. Metal complexes may also be useful in dipolar chromophore orientation and in the building of large molecular structures, but this(More)
Optical polarization changes and mode coupling due to spatially varying anisotropic perturbations in caused by electro-optic, acousto-optic, and other effects have been widely studied for both plane-wave and fiber mode propagation. A new optical S-parameter analysis of these effects, applicable to arbitrary optical field distributions, is presented. It is(More)
A series of bithiophene derivatives that are either symmetrically disubstituted with two Ph(2)(X)P groups (X = O, S, Se) or monosubstituted with one Ph(2)(X)P group (X = O, S, Se) and an organic functional group (H, CHO, CH(2)OH, CO(2)Me) have been synthesized. The X-ray crystal structures of Ph(2)(Se)P(C(4)H(2)S)(2)P(Se)Ph(2), Ph(2)(O)P(C(4)H(2)S)(2)H,(More)
Two new series of phosphonato-substituted bithiophenes, BpP(X)(C4H2S)2H and BpP(X)(C4H2S)2P(X)Bp (Bp = 2,2'-C12H8O2, X = O, S, Se), have been synthesized and characterized using linear absorption and emission spectra, and third-order nonlinear absorption measurements at 430 nm with 27 ps laser pulses. The compounds were synthesized in three steps: (1)(More)
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