Jason L. Frankel

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Expression of the Drosophila cell adhesion molecule neuroglian in S2 cells leads to cell aggregation and the intracellular recruitment of ankyrin to cell contact sites. We localized the region of neuroglian that interacts with ankyrin and investigated the mechanism that limits this interaction to cell contact sites. Yeast two-hybrid analysis and expression(More)
The multichip module (MCM) that contains the central electronic complex (CEC) of the S/390 ® G5 system is described in this paper. The glass-ceramic module, topped with six layers of polyimide full-field thin-film wiring for chip-to-chip interconnection, represents IBM's most advanced packaging technology. This MCM provides a large wiring capacity, with 595(More)
Objective: Underactive bladder (UAB) is receiving increased attention as a contributor to urinary bother. An emerging definition of UAB focuses on voiding symptoms suggestive of urodynamic detrusor underactivity. However, while animal and tissue studies are useful to elucidate pathophysiologic mechanisms, they cannot directly address human symptoms.(More)
Homopolar doublets with twofold rotational symmetry were generated in Paramecium tetraurelia and in P. undecaurelia by electrofusion or by arrested conjugation. These doublets underwent a complex cortical reorganization over time, which led to their reversion to singlets. This reorganization involved a reduction in number of ciliary rows, a progressive(More)
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