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We study the Fano-Kondo effect in a closed Aharonov-Bohm (AB) interferometer which contains a single-level quantum dot and predict a frequency doubling of the AB oscillations as a signature of Kondo-correlated states. Using the Keldysh formalism, the Friedel sum rule, and the numerical renormalization group, we calculate the exact zero-temperature linear(More)
Common program specification and verification build on concepts like method pre-and postconditions and loop invariants. These lectures notes teach those concepts in the context of the language and verifier Dafny. Dafny is a language that is designed to make it easy to write correct code. This means correct in the sense of not having any runtime errors, but(More)
A new parameterization for an effective non-linear Lagrangian density of relativistic mean field (RMF) theory is proposed, which is able to provide an excellent description not only for the properties of stable nuclei but also for those far from the valley of beta-stability. In addition recently measured superdeformed mimima in the Hg-region are reproduced(More)
This paper presents complementary flyover and surface exploration for reconnaissance of planetary point destinations, like skylights and polar crater rims, where local 3D detail matters. Recent breakthroughs in precise, safe landing enable spacecraft to touch down within a few hundred meters of target destinations. These precision trajectories provide(More)
We study coherence of electron transport through interacting quantum dots and discuss the relation of the coherent part to the flux-sensitive conductance for three different types of Aharonov-Bohm interferometers. Contributions to transport in first and second order in the intrinsic linewidth of the dot levels are addressed in detail. We predict an(More)
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