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The 2.89- to 2.76-gigayear-old conglomerates of the Central Rand Group of South Africa host an immense concentration of gold. The gold and rounded pyrites from the conglomerates yield a rhenium-osmium isochron age of 3.03 +/- 0.02 gigayears and an initial 187Os/188Os ratio of 0.1079 +/- 0.0001. This age is older than that of the conglomerates. Thus, the(More)
This paper looks into the consultancy processes and professional practices of management consultants and of technology consultants from a knowledge management perspective. The process of consultancy in both cases was characterised by the following categories drawn from the analysis of interviews: boundaries, actors, process and information. The findings for(More)
Presented are two novel approaches to visualizing both internal and external anatomy of the heart through the cardiac cycle. The first uses "windows" manually cut through each chamber of a virtual heart model. The use of windows allows for internal and external views simultaneously while showing the varying thickness of the ventricular walls through the(More)
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