Jason K. Morton

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The influence of the axial length (AL) of the eye on flash electroretinogram (ERG) responses has been well established in the literature, suggesting an association between ERG abnormalities with myopia (AL > 25 mm). The aim of our present study was to determine whether the AL of normal eyes can also influence the pattern electroretinogram (PERG) on normal(More)
Rocky reef habitat is common in many estuaries, yet its role as a habitat for fishes is poorly understood. There is also limited understanding of how access of coastal species into estuaries and habitat quality can affect the distribution of rocky reef fishes within estuaries. This study used baited remote underwater video stations to determine spatial(More)
Record and verify (R&V) systems have proven that their application in radiotherapy clinics leads to a significant reduction in mis-treatments of patients. The purpose of this technical note is to share our experience of acceptance testing, commissioning and setting up a quality assurance programme for the MOSAIQ® oncology information system and R&V system(More)
Suppose an investor (such as a hedge fund or fund-of-fund) holds a secret portfolio of assets, which may change over time. Suppose further that the investor makes public the overall returns on this portfolio on a regular basis, as is the case wth hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, and indexes of hedge funds. There are many reasons why we might want to(More)
and a decided gap about half-an-inch wide could be felt there. My treatment was to immediately support the ruptured muscle by strapping the leg up with adhesive plaster, and applying n firm bandage over the strapping. This enabled my friend to walk to his house, leaning on my arm with little or no pain worth mentioning. In four days from the receipt of(More)
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