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Improvements in motor sequence performance have been observed after a delay involving sleep. This finding has been taken as evidence for an active sleep consolidation process that enhances subsequent performance. In a review of this literature, however, the authors observed 4 aspects of data analyses and experimental design that could lead to improved(More)
BACKGROUND Many people hear voices but do not access psychiatric services and their experiences are largely unknown, not least because of the difficulty in contacting such people. This study investigates the beliefs held about voices, distress experienced, and provides a topographical account of the experience of hearing voices in a sample of individuals(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective comparative study using prospectively collected data. OBJECTIVE To compare the rate of infection with and without the use of vancomycin powder application during posterior cervical instrumentation. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Surgical site infections (SSI) are a significant source of morbidity in multilevel(More)
This publication may have been funded in part or in whole by funds allocated by the ASUCSD. However, the views expressed in this publication are solely those of Triton Psychology Report, its principle members and the authors of the content of this publication. While the publisher of this publication is a registered student organization at UC San Diego, the(More)
One major goal for data mining is to understand data. Rule based methods are better than other methods in making mining results comprehensible. However, the current rule based classifiers make use a small number of rules and a default prediction to build a concise predictive model. This reduces the explanatory ability of a rule based classifier. In this(More)
Many prescribers of disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) for multiple sclerosis (MS) believe that interferon beta (IFNβ) is more likely than glatiramer acetate (GA) to increase depression during the course of MS treatment. Therefore, newly diagnosed patients with a history of depression are often placed on GA therapy from the onset of MS treatment. The aim of(More)
CONTEXT Establishing the long-term benefit of therapy in chronic diseases has been challenging. Long-term studies require non-randomized designs and, thus, are often confounded by biases. For example, although disease-modifying therapy in MS has a convincing benefit on several short-term outcome-measures in randomized trials, its impact on long-term(More)
It has been suggested that prediction may be an organizing principle of the mind and/or the neocortex, with cognitive machinery specifically engineered to detect forward-looking temporal relationships, rather than merely associating temporally contiguous events. There is a remarkable absence of behavioral tests of this idea, however. To address this gap, we(More)
A split luciferase complementation assay to study protein-protein interactions within Arabidopsis protoplasts in 96-well plates is described in this protocol. Two proteins of interest, a bait and prey, which are genetically fused to amino- and carboxy-terminal fragments of Renilla luciferase, are transiently expressed in protoplasts. Physical interactions(More)
PURPOSE Patient care improvements and cost savings achieved by a large integrated health system through the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASPs) at two hospitals are reported. METHODS A pre-post analysis was conducted to evaluate cost and quality outcomes at the two ASP sites and three similar sites within the same health system not(More)