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— Autonomous vehicle navigation with standard IMU and differential GPS has been widely used for aviation and military applications. Our research interesting is focused on using some low-cost off-the-shelf sensors, such as strap-down IMU, inexpensive single GPS receiver. In this paper, we present an autonomous vehicle navigation method by integrating the(More)
Consistent image mosaicking is a potentially useful tool for robot navigation and map construction. This paper presents an automatic algorithm to generate consistent image mosaicking. During the robot processing, local optimization based on the related previous images is used for every newly added image on the baseline approach view. As soon as a loop is(More)
– This paper presents the design of the permanent magnetic system for the wall climbing robot with permanent magnetic tracks. A proposed wall climbing robot with permanent magnetic adhesion mechanism for inspecting the oil tanks is briefly put forward, including the mechanical system architecture. The permanent magnetic adhesion mechanism and the tracked(More)