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— Autonomous vehicle navigation with standard IMU and differential GPS has been widely used for aviation and military applications. Our research interesting is focused on using some low-cost off-the-shelf sensors, such as strap-down IMU, inexpensive single GPS receiver. In this paper, we present an autonomous vehicle navigation method by integrating the(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel three-dimensional combining features method for sign language recognition. Based on the Kinect depth data and the skeleton joints data, we acquire the 3D trajectories of right hand, right wrist and right elbow. To construct feature vector, the paper uses combining location and spherical coordinate feature representation.(More)
The problem of image Gaussian noise filtering in the framework of Pulse Coupled Neural Network (PCNN) time matrix is addressed. The time matrix, generated by PCNN, contains useful information related to spatial structure of the image under processing. It is a mapping from image spatial information to time sequence. Through time matrix, Gaussian noisy pixels(More)
Obstacle avoidance ability is the significant embodiment of the ground mobile robot, and the basic guarantee of the ground mobile robot to perform various tasks. Obstacle avoidance technologies are divided into two kinds, one is based on the global map and another is based on sensors respectively. This paper mainly aims at the local obstacle avoidance(More)
Lightning is one of the most beautiful displays in nature yet it is the most deadly natural phenomenon known to man. Benjamin Franklin was the first to prove electricity in lightning in 1752, yet, we still remain in awe of lightning which flashes in its mystery. Early studies done to find that lightning is electricity paved the way for this article, to(More)
– This paper presents the design of the permanent magnetic system for the wall climbing robot with permanent magnetic tracks. A proposed wall climbing robot with permanent magnetic adhesion mechanism for inspecting the oil tanks is briefly put forward, including the mechanical system architecture. The permanent magnetic adhesion mechanism and the tracked(More)
Thousands of storage tanks in oil refineries have to be inspected manually to prevent leakage and/or any other potential catastrophe. A wall climbing robot with permanent magnet adhesion mechanism equipped with nondestructive sensor has been designed. The robot can be operated autonomously or manually. In autonomous mode the robot uses an ingenious coverage(More)
Consistent image mosaicking is a potentially useful tool for robot navigation and map construction. This paper presents an automatic algorithm to generate consistent image mosaicking. During the robot processing, local optimization based on the related previous images is used for every newly added image on the baseline approach view. As soon as a loop is(More)