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In this paper we introduce a computational method for proving the existence of generic saddle-to-saddle connections between equilibria of first order vector fields. The first step consists of rigorously computing high order parametrizations of the local stable and unstable manifolds. If the local manifolds intersect, the Newton-Kantorovich theorem is(More)
Lidars can be extremely useful tools for measuring outdoor geometry. However while lidar measurements are championed for their high accuracy their point clouds are individually rather sparse and lack colour information. In this work the sparse nature of lidar point clouds is addressed by merging multiple lidar scans into a single large point cloud. This is(More)
Information Officers (NASCIO) in the United States the number one strategic management priority in 2014 is security. It is therefore imperative for managers to have qualified IT security professionals in order to effectively secure the network infrastructure, protect information, diagnose and manage attacks remediating damage or losses and preparing for(More)
This annotated bibliography reviews literature published between 2008 and 2011 to identify the potential for cloud computing to lower power consumption and reduce carbon emissions. management systems), cloud providers implementing carbon/energy based scheduling policies can achieve energy savings in comparison to profit based scheduling policies, leading to(More)
In this study an attempt is being made to encode the architecture of a neural network in a chromosome string for evolving robust, fast-learning, minimal neural network architectures through genetic algorithms. Various attributes aaecting the learning of the network are represented as genes. The performance of the networks is used as the tness value. Neural(More)
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