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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to examine the neural bases for the exceptional mental calculation ability possessed by Chinese abacus experts through PET imaging. METHODS We compared the different regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) patterns using (15)O-water PET in 10 abacus experts and 12 non-experts while they were performing each of the following(More)
OBJECTIVE The use of the micro positron emission tomography (microPET) technique provides a powerful means for molecular imaging on small animals, while its inferior spatial resolution offers insufficient anatomical information which impedes the interpretations of the scans. To improve this limitation, it often relies on a clinical magnetic resonance(More)
The number of vehicles on the road has been increasing at an enormous rate over the last decade. By 2015, the number of vehicles that reach the end of their life will be close to a million per year in Australia. Most metallic parts of the vehicle can be recycled but the plastic components and components of other materials are normally shredded and disposed(More)
We present a system of image co-registration and its validation in phantom and volunteer studies. The system co-registered images via six novel non-invasive and non-radioactive external markers. The fiducial markers were attached with sponge bases on the skin surface of the phantom and the volunteers in a non-collinear and non-coplanar array. The subjects(More)
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