Jason I. Brown

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Let /(G) denote the independence number of a graph G. We introduce A(G) limk-. (Gk)/IV(G)I k, where the categorical graph product is used. This limit, surprisingly, lies in the range (0,1/2] U (1. We can show that this limit can take any such rational number, but is there any G for which A(G) is irrational? A useful technique for bounding A(G) is to(More)
Biophysical fragment screening of a thermostabilized β1-adrenergic receptor (β1AR) using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) enabled the identification of moderate affinity, high ligand efficiency (LE) arylpiperazine hits 7 and 8. Subsequent hit to lead follow-up confirmed the activity of the chemotype, and a structure-based design approach using protein-ligand(More)
Let G be a well covered graph, that is, all maximal independent sets of G have the same cardinality, and let ik denote the number of independent sets of cardinality k in G. We investigate the roots of the independence polynomial i(G, x)= ∑ ik xk . In particular, we show that if G is a well covered graph with independence number β, then all the roots of i(G,(More)