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Can voters be persuaded to support a candidate based on a candidate's rhetoric instead of a candidate's issue positions? Combining theoretical insights on voter decision-making drawn from valence theories of candidate position-taking with insights from theories of rhetoric and persuasion, the authors argue that candidate rhetorical tone can sway voters to a(More)
Antidepressive therapy with maprotiline was accompanied by blood level determinations psychological clinical and electroencephalographical assessments. It was the aim of the study to introduce objective methods in psychotropic drug therapy and to look for a relationship between blood level and clinical outcome, EEG and psychological data. We found a(More)
For several years now a working team of judges and physicians has been tackling the questions involved in the compulsory hospitalisation of mentally diseased patients. In the course of this teamwork the deficiencies and drawbacks of hospitalisation legislation have become glaringly evident. The problems of hospitalisation by law and under the legislation(More)
Do presidents use federal grants to help win elections? While a significant amount of research examines whether political actors allocate funds for electoral reasons, most focuses on legislators' influence. This paper argues that the president and his subordinates strategically direct federal funding toward electorally competitive states. It uses a newly(More)
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