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Research on the prevention of depressive symptoms in children and adolescents was reviewed and synthesized with meta-analysis. When all 30 studies were included, selective prevention programs were found to be more effective than universal programs immediately following intervention. Both selective and indicated prevention programs were more effective than(More)
This study evaluated the efficacy of 2 programs for preventing depressive symptoms in adolescents. Participants were 380 high school students randomly assigned to a cognitive-behavioral program (CB), an interpersonal psychotherapy-adolescent skills training program (IPT-AST), or a no-intervention control. The interventions involved eight 90-min weekly(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relation of IQ and religiosity to depressive disorders in adolescents who varied with respect to the chronicity of their mothers' depression history. METHOD Participants were 240 adolescents first evaluated when they were in 6th grade and then annually for 6 years. Adolescents' depressive diagnoses were assessed initially with the(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine predictors of school dropout and adolescent sexual behavior in offspring of depressed and nondepressed mothers. Possible moderators of the relation between maternal depression and these outcomes also were explored. METHOD Participants were 240 mothers and adolescents assessed annually from 6th through 12th grade. Interviews and(More)
Information systems managing image-based data for telemedicine or clinical research applications require a reference standard representing the correct diagnosis. Accurate reference standards are difficult to establish because of imperfect agreement among physicians, and discrepancies between clinical vs. image-based diagnosis. This study is designed to(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am indebted to the many people who offered their time and talents to help make this work possible. I am especially grateful to Dr. Judy Garber, my mentor and greatest source of help throughout this project. I would also like to thank the rest of my committee, Drs. helpful comments and suggestions at many stages of this project and Dr.(More)
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