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Osteodentin formation in guinea pig teeth was studied using in vivo microscopic and histologic techniques. The coronal half of both incisors and molars contained varying amounts of osteodentin. Within the osteodentin, narrow canals that contained pulp tissue were observed. Serial histologic sections demonstrated that these canals opened to the occlusal(More)
This report describes the prenatal development and closure of the secondary palate in the Mongolian gerbil. Palatal shelves can be regularly observed on day 16, at which time they are directed vertically. On day 17, the shelves show an overall increase in size and length but remain vertically directed. During day 18, palatal shelves are usually in a state(More)
An in vivo model has been designed to study the acute response of exposed or unexposed dental pulp to the topical application of various biomaterials. This model permits sequential microscopic observations of the microvascular system of dental pulp before and after application of pulp capping agents, cementing agents, or cavity liners. The use of this(More)
Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) simulation libraries commonly make use of indirection and, essentially, typeless events as part of their interface specification. This forces library users to employ downcasting and/or strong data coupling in the design of their simulation applications. These techniques are anathema to good object oriented design(More)
Geometric waveguides are being integrated into head-mounted display (HMD) systems, where having see-through capability in a compact, lightweight form factor is required. We developed methods for determining the field of view (FOV) of such waveguide HMD systems and have analytically derived the FOV for waveguides using planar and curved geometries. By using(More)
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