Jason Hirshman

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We have examined the sequences required in vivo to promote transcription of a cell cycle-regulated human H4 histone gene. Deletion mutants of the 5' flanking region were assayed in mouse cells or fused with the chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) gene for assay in HeLa cells. The functional limits of the regulatory sequences were shown to extend at(More)
We examine the problem of authorship attribution in collaborative documents. We seek to develop new deep learning models tailored to this task. We have curated a novel dataset by parsing Wikipedia’s edit history, which we use to demonstrate the feasiblity of deep models to multi-author attribution at the sentence-level. Though we attempt to formulate models(More)
Bitcoin is an electronic crypto-currency created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym). At the time the original bitcoin client was written, the idea of a purely peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency which did not require a trusted-thirdparty to confirm transactions / prevent double spending was unique. In the bitcoin network, all transactions are public,(More)
BACKGROUND Reports of subjective sleep quality are frequently collected in research and clinical practice. It is unclear, however, how well polysomnographic measures of sleep correlate with subjective reports of prior-night sleep quality in elderly men and women. Furthermore, the relative importance of various polysomnographic, demographic and clinical(More)
An outline is given of the pattern of communicable disease in the South Pacific, as far as it is known. Surveillance and research are imcomplete and the World Health Organization is assisting in carrying these out. Reporting and laboratory diagnosis of communicable disease are inadequate and sometimes inaccurate. This is being improved. Medical checks for(More)
We have identified a segment of DNA in the region 6,500 nucleotides upstream from a cell-cycle-dependent human H4 histone gene (pF0108A) which exhibits properties of an enhancer element. This distal element is not required for cap site initiation from the F0108A H4 histone gene. When the enhancer element is present in the genome as a stable integrated(More)
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