Jason Hickey

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In this paper we introduce the Caltech Multi-Vehicle Wireless Testbed (MVWT), a platform for testing decentralized control methodologies for multiple vehicle coordination and formation stabilization. The testbed consists of eight mobile vehicles, an overhead vision system that provides GPS-like state information and wireless Ethernet for communications.(More)
  • Ken Birman, Bob Constable, Mark Hayden, Jason Hickey, Christoph Kreitz, Robbert Van Renesse +2 others
  • 2001
– The Horus and Ensemble efforts culminated a multi-year Cornell research program in process group communication used for fault-tolerance, security and adaptation. Our intent was to understand the degree to which a single system could offer flexibility and yet maintain high performance, to explore the integration of fault-tolerance with security and(More)
This article uses the Internet as a starting point to illustrate universal aspects of complex systems throughout technology and biology. Complexity in most systems is driven by the need for robustness to uncertainty in their environments and component parts far more than by basic functionality. Protocols organize highly structured and complex modular(More)
Ensemble is a widely used group communication system that supports distributed programming by providing precise guarantees for synchronization, message ordering, and message delivery. Ensemble eases the task of distributed-application programming, but as a result, ensuring the correctness of Ensemble itself is a diicult problem. In this paper we use I/O(More)
In our experience, exploratory testing has reached a level of maturity that makes it a practical and often the most cost-effective approach to testing. Notably, previous work has demonstrated that exploratory testing is capable of finding bugs even in well-tested systems [4, 17, 24, 23]. However, the number of bugs found gives little indication of the(More)
Systematic testing, first demonstrated in small, specialized cases 15 years ago, has matured sufficiently for large-scale systems developers to begin to put it into practice. With actual deployment comes new, pragmatic challenges to the usefulness of the techniques. In this report we are concerned with scaling dynamic partial order reduction, a key(More)
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