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The impact of organic species which are present in the Earth's atmosphere on the burst of new particles is critically important for the understanding of the molecular nature of atmospheric nucleation phenomena. Amines have recently been proposed as possible stabilizers of binary pre-nucleation clusters. In order to advance the understanding of atmospheric(More)
Hydration directly affects the mobility, thermodynamic properties, lifetime and nucleation rates of atmospheric ions. In the present study, the role of ammonia on the formation of hydrogen bonded complexes of the common atmospheric hydrogensulfate (HSO(4) (-)) ion with water has been investigated using the Density Functional Theory (DFT). Our findings rule(More)
Amines, organic derivatives of NH3, are important common trace atmospheric species that can enhance new particle formation in the Earth's atmosphere under favorable conditions. While methylamine (MA), dimethylamine (DMA) and trimethylamine (TMA) all efficiently enhance binary nucleation, MA may represent the lower limit of the enhancing effect of amines on(More)
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