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As the use of child soldiers continues to proliferate throughout the world, effective psychosocial interventions must be developed and evaluated. Our research shows that former child soldiers who are provided rehabilitative services and accepted back into their families and communities are able to become productive, responsible and caring adults. In 1988,(More)
The clinical spectrum of acute human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, a common clinical syndrome, may range from asymptomatic to a severe illness. The purpose of this review is to increase awareness of this syndrome, which is rarely suspected and often missed in clinical care settings, and provide an informative reference for primary care providers.(More)
Patients who are retained in HIV care have a higher likelihood of viral suppression and increased survival. Lab markers have been used as surrogate markers for clinical visits to estimate retention, but the accuracy of these markers at predicting retention in care has not been validated. A retrospective cohort study was conducted using patients newly(More)
A sample of 73 nonreferred school children were administered a newly developed Visual Focussed-attention Test along with other measures of attentional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning. Internal reliability and construct validity for the test were established. Children were then divided into underfocussed (distractible, n = 6), normofocussed (n = 38),(More)
BACKGROUND Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) seropositivity may be associated with higher risk of local recurrence and poor survival in multiple malignancies. However, long-term disease control in HIV-positive patients with head and neck cancer (HNC) is not well described. The purpose of this study is to review the disease-related outcomes of HIV-positive(More)
Our case demonstrates a rare presentation of acute HIV infection (AHI) with myoclonus, rhabdomyolysis, and aseptic meningitis. It is imperative for primary care physicians to consider AHI. In this patient, laboratory findings demonstrated infection three to four months before presentation. The diagnosis of AHI is critical for early intervention and for(More)
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