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Although many common diseases occur mostly in old age, the impact of ageing itself on disease risk and expression often goes unevaluated. To consider the impact of ageing requires some useful means of measuring variability in health in animals of the same age. In humans, this variability has been quantified by counting age-related health deficits in a(More)
This paper documents the analyses that were conducted with regards to investigating an appropriate Minimum Mapping Unit (MMU) to be used to capture the potential changes in vegetation patterns for a 10,924 square km restoration project being conducted in south Florida, USA. Spatial landscape and class metrics that were shown to change predictably with(More)
This study was designed following the first documented case of torsades de pointes induced by sultopride hydrochloride, a substituted benzamide neuroleptic drug. The patient, a 48 year-old woman with no known cardiovascular disease, had been treated for several years with this drug. She was admitted for severe bronchospasm requiring artificial ventilation.(More)
Since 1958, L. microphyllum (Old World Climbing Fern), which originated from the Old World Tropics, has become a nuisance exotic and has rapidly spread and is being established system-wide in extremely remote and undisturbed areas such as the Florida Everglades. Of particular concern is that L. microphyllum is disrupting, at an alarming rate, the flora and(More)
The results of cardiac catheterisation in 137 cases of pure adult aortic stenosis considered to be isolated after non-invasive investigation (clinical examination, carotid pulse tracing, echocardiogramme) are reported. The authors analyse the reliability and risks of this examination to which they attribute a triple objective; evaluation of the severity of(More)
It is currently considered as exceptional for there to be arterial pathology other than atheroma in Prinzmetal angina. The authors have found five cases of coronary fibrous dysplasia in the literature. They add a case, in a woman, of intimal fibrous dysplasia diffusely involving the three main coronary vessels. Coronary arteriography showed that spasm of(More)
The authors report the case of a 49 year old woman who, on two occasions four years apart, presented with cardiogenic shock following the same type of intense emotional stress. Acute left ventricular systolic dysfunction in the initial phase regressed completely with drugs. A diagnostic investigation excluded atheromatous coronary artery disease,(More)