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A basic requirement for a practical tracking system is to adjust the tracking model in real time when the appearance of the tracked object changes. However, since the scale of the targets often varied irregularly , systems with fixed-size tracking window usually could not accommodate to these scenarios. In present paper, a new multi-scale information(More)
Multiple-target tracking in video (MTTV) presents a technical challenge in video surveillance applications. In this paper, we formulate the MTTV problem using dynamic Markov network (DMN) techniques. Our model consists of three coupled Markov random fields: 1) a field for the joint state of the multitarget; 2) a binary random process for the existence of(More)
Near infrared tomography (NIR) is a novel imaging technique that can be used to reconstruct tissue optical properties from measurements of light propagation through tissue. More specifically NIR measurements over a range of wavelengths can be used to obtain internal images of physiologic parameters and these images can be used to detect and characterize(More)
Manifold mosaicing is arguably the most important class of image mosaicing methods. The existing manifold mosaicing methods work reasonably well only for scenes with simple plane structure and for images taken in a usual way such that the camera’s motion direction is perpendicular to its optical axis. A novel manifold modeling theoretical framework is(More)
Performance evaluation is considered as an important part of the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) development; it helps to discover research problems and improves driving safety. In this paper, a task-specific performance evaluation model of UGVs applied in the Intelligent Vehicle Future Challenge (IVFC) annual competitions is discussed. It is defined in(More)
Multi degree of freedom (DOF) vibration control systems are essential for precision control of a wide range of airborne structures. The objective of the paper is an attempt to design a generic modular six-axis passive vibration isolator based on Stewart platform for an airborne system. To study the feasibility for vibration control, simulation of six-axis(More)