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Copper samples, hot solder (eutectic) dipped and thermally aged, were cross-sectioned and placed in an environmental scanning electronic microscope (ESEM). While in the ESEM the samples were heated for approximately 2.5 h at 170 degrees C to stimulate the growth of additional Cu/Sn intermetallic compound. The intent of the study was to obtain a continuous(More)
The on-orbit verification of spaceborne lidar systems relies on several approaches including those based on measuring the returned signal from the surface. This returned signal depends on both the atmospheric transmittance and the surface reflectance in the backscattered direction. Thus, knowledge of the surface reflectance is critical to such approaches.(More)
A concurrent engineering approach to the design and analysis of a space-borne Electro-Optical (EO) sensor is presented. A detailed design of an infrared telescope payload is developed by an interdisciplinary team of mechanical, structural, thermal, and optical engineers using a Simulation Driven Engineering (SDE) software environment. The telescope payload(More)
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