Jason Fritts

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Presented is an 8-issue tree-VLIW processor designed for efficient support of dynamic binary translation. This processor confronts two primary problems faced by VLIW architectures: binary compatibility and branch performance. Binary compatibility with existing architectures is achieved through dynamic binary translation which translates and schedules(More)
The growing demand for high quality compressed video has led to an increasing need for real-time MPEG decoding at greater resolutions and picture sizes. With the widespread availability of small-scale multiprocessors, a parallel software implementation may provide an effective solution to the decoding problem. We present a parallel decoder for the MPEG(More)
This paper describes the challenges presented by single-chip parallel media processors (PMPs). These machines integrate multiple parallel function units, instruction execution, and memory hierarchies on a single chip. The combination of programmability and high performance on data parallelism is necessary to meet the demands of next-generation multimedia(More)
The Washington University MultiMedia eXplorer (MMX) is a complete, host-independent multimedia system capable of transmitting and receiving JPEG-compressed video, CD-quality audio, and high-resolution radiographic images over the Washington University broadband ATM network. If the host is equipped with an ATM interface card, normal network traffic can be(More)
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