Jason Freeman

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The world's oceans contain a complex mixture of micro-organisms that are for the most part, uncharacterized both genetically and biochemically. We report here a metagenomic study of the marine planktonic microbiota in which surface (mostly marine) water samples were analyzed as part of the Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling expedition. These samples,(More)
Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) 17 is a dominant, progressive, neurodegenerative disorder. The disease is caused by a triplet repeat expansion mutation within TATA-binding protein (TBP). Ataxia, dementia, parkinsonism and dystonia are common features. We have previously shown in several pedigrees that SCA-2 and SCA-3 can cause both parkinsonism and typical(More)
Are "generalized" seizures truly generalized? Generalized tonic-clonic seizures are classified as either secondarily generalized with local onset or primarily generalized, without known focal onset. In both types of generalized seizures widespread regions of the nervous system engage in abnormally synchronous and high-frequency neuronal firing. However,(More)
This article describes two gravid patients who presented with first-trimester sialorrhea and hyperemesis. Although excessive salivation, especially when accompanied by protracted nausea and vomiting, is an unusual occurrence, it can have serious consequences for both the mother and fetus when left untreated. Initially, phenothiazine was prescribed and later(More)
Flock is a full-evening work for saxophone quartet, dancers, audience participation, video, and electronic sound. A computer vision system tracks the location of participants as they move around an open performance space, and custom software then uses that data to generate music notation, video animation, and electronic sound. In this paper, we discuss the(More)
EarSketch is a novel approach to teaching computer science concepts via algorithmic music composition and remixing in the context of a digital audio workstation paradigm. This project includes a Python/Javascript coding environment, a digital audio workstation view, an audio loop browser, a social sharing site and an integrated curriculum. EarSketch is(More)
EarSketch (http://earsketch.gatech.edu) is an integrated curriculum, software toolset, audio loop library, and social sharing site that teaches computing principles through digital music composition and remixing. Attendees will learn to code in Python and/or JavaScript to place audio clips, create rhythms, and add and control effects within a multi-track(More)