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The effects of tylosin tartrate and tiamutilin were examined in pneumonias induced experimentally in neonatal piglets with a homogenate of pneumonic pig lung, obtained from pigs with naturally acquired enzootic pneumonia. The homogenate contained mycoplasmas, including Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M suipneumoniae) and M hyorhinis, and certain bacteria and(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of paging systems in compensating for everyday memory and planning problems after brain injury, including in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). METHODS Here, in addition to further analyses of the TBI data from a previous randomised control crossover trial, results are reported(More)
The Drosophila melanogaster warts/lats tumour suppressor has two mammalian counterparts LATS1/Warts-1 and LATS2/Kpm. Here, we show that mammalian Lats orthologues exhibit distinct expression profiles according to germ cell layer origin. Lats2(-/-) embryos show overgrowth in restricted tissues of mesodermal lineage; however, lethality ultimately ensues on or(More)
An amylopectinlike polysaccharide (granulose) was the only glucan produced in significant quantities by six wild-type strains of Clostridium pasteurianum grown in glucose minimal medium. The intracellular polysaccharide granules laid down before sporulation contained only this amylopectin. No intracellular dextran was discovered in these wild-type strains,(More)
BACKGROUND American adults receive the recommended care just over half of the time for all recommended services. Many patient reminder strategies have attempted to increase the adherence rates for preventative and chronic disease management. However, there is a lack of data available in relation to adherence rates for symptom-specific recommended services(More)
Androgens via the androgen receptor (AR) play crucial roles in prostate physiology and pathophysiology. These androgen actions can be either inhibited or potentiated by estrogens. The mechanisms of these seemingly opposing estrogen effects are unclear. We studied the effects of estrogens on the modulation of androgen induction of prostate specific antigen(More)
A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics were produced by soil isolate, strain E225 which was shown to be a Streptomyces species. The antibiotics displayed anthelmintic activity against Trichostrongylus colubriformis in the gerbil. Two of the compounds, VM 44857 and VM 44866 were shown to be potent anthelmintics against mixed nematode infections in sheep.
BACKGROUND Recent reports suggest that intensive, progressive training on working memory tasks can lead to generalized cognitive gains. CASE STUDY A patient, following hypoxic brain damage, showed significant difficulties in working memory and time-perception. This study examined the impact and specificity of any benefits resulting from automated working(More)
The virulence of a laboratory adapted culture of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strain NB12 was determined in three- to five-day-old gnotobiotic piglets. Intranasal inoculation or exposure to an aerosol of the culture caused low incidences of pneumonia in the piglets. Passage of M hyopneumoniae strain NB12 in gnotobiotic piglets resulted in a rapid increase in(More)
Micro-blogging has become increasingly popular in recent years. Using micro-blogging in a large classroom could be beneficial for learning. However, sometimes addressing the large number of posts could be cumbersome to a reader who has only limited time in a classroom. We propose a novel solution for predicting the relevancy of a question asked in a class(More)