Jason Feinstein

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The next generation of linear colliders requires peak power sourcesof-over 200 MW per meter at frequencies above 10 GHz at pulse widths of less than 100 nsec. Several power sources are under active development, including a conventional klystron with RF pulse compression, a relativistic klystron (RK) and a crossed-field amplifier. Power from one of these has(More)
The cnemophiline 'birds of paradise' (Cnemophilinae) and Macgregor's 'bird of paradise' (Macgregoria) have traditionally been included in the Paradisaeidae although their relationships within the group have been enigmatic and subject to repeated discussion in the literature. Here we use sequences from two mitochondrial genes, cytochrome b and cytochrome(More)
A high power cross-field amplifier is under develop ment at SLAC with the objective of providing sufficient peak power to feed a section of an X-Band (11.424 GHz) accelerator without the need for pulse compression. The CFA being designed employs a conventional distributed secondary emission cathode but a novel anode structure which consists of an array of(More)
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