Jason Fairfield

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Desflurane is an ether halogenated exclusively with fluorine. It has a blood/gas partition coefficient of 0.42 (cf. isoflurane 1.40 and nitrous oxide 0.46). This characteristic suggests that it should provide both a fast induction of anaesthesia and a rapid recovery from anaesthesia. To assess this, 60 patients were entered into a study and allocated at(More)
Uncouplers are molecules with protonophoric and ionophoric capabilities that mediate coupled cyclical transport of cations--a transport that takes precedence over all other coupled processes. Uncouplers form cation-containing complexes with electrogenic ionophores that potentiate cyclical transport of cations. The molecular mechanism of uncoupling sheds(More)
Two low-volume, variable performance oxygen delivery systems were compared in conscious spontaneously breathing volunteers. Oropharyngeal oxygen concentrations were measured during periods of nose and mouth breathing. The systems were studied at oxygen flow rates of 2 or 4 litres/minute. The performance of both systems was similar under the test conditions(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the proportion of prehospital deaths in a British population of trauma victims which may be preventable, and to investigate the effect of death at the scene and death in transit on potential survivorship. METHODS Blinded review, by four specialists with an interest in trauma, of necropsy results and details of age, sex, and(More)
There is evidence from in vitro systems that the extent of neuronal loss in acute central nervous system ischaemia can be reduced by manoeuvres which restrict availability of glucose to the ischaemic area. Experiments were designed to test whether hypoglycaemia induced with insulin is associated with improved behavioural outcome in a recovery model of(More)
Serial measurements of haemodynamic variables were performed at 1-min intervals in nine ASA I, unpremedicated patients before and for 5 min after induction of anaesthesia with propofol 2.5 mg kg-1. End-tidal carbon dioxide concentration was maintained within the normal range. Stroke volume and left ventricular function were measured by Doppler and(More)
While cloud computing claims many advantages over prior computing paradigms such as high performance computing and grid computing, the Credit Union (CU) Cloud Computing Model [3] furthers many of the claimed advantages and tries to circumvent the inherent concern of human consumers for security and privacy with today's clouds due to lack of direct control.(More)
Atopic dermatitis and atopic asthma patients were shown to have elevated IgG anti-IgE levels compared with those of controls. When the pattern of IgG subclass anti-IgE activity was studied, further differences between the three groups became apparent. Adults with atopic dermatitis had elevated IgG1 and IgG4 anti-IgE compared with those of controls but no(More)