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Morphophonological Variation in Haitian Creole: the Case of 3SG
Among French-based creole languages, Haitian Creole is the one with the highest degree of standardization. The written norm, Standard Haitian Creole (SHC), is based on the speech of monolinguals ofExpand
Decreolization: A critical review
This study looks at the often invoked but frequently vague notion of decreolization in studies of creole languages and language contact and proposes a proposal to abandon the term in favor of terms applicable to all languages such as debasilectalization. Expand
The two closely related Celtic languages Welsh and Breton represent an interesting comparative laboratory for exploring contact phenomena. Here I will trace the development of reflexive andExpand
On the influence of the standard norm of Haitian Creole on the Cap Haïtien dialect: Evidence from sociolinguistic variation in the third person singular pronoun
Among French-based creoles, Haitian Creole has the highest degree of standardization, with a written norm, Standard Haitian Creole (SHC), based on Port-au-Prince monolinguals’ speech. To evaluate theExpand
Inheritance and innovation in a colonial language: Towards a usage-based account of French Guianese Creole by William Jennings and Stefan Pfänder (2018)
Inheritance and innovation in a colonial language:  Towards a usage-based account of French Guianese  Creole William Jennings and Stefan Pfander (2018) London: Palgrave Macmillan. Pp. 240 ISBN:Expand
Percolation of gender in French: The case of enciente
In resources as varied as an introductory textbook on French phonology and morphology, dictionaries, language planning articles, and computational linguistics talks, it is frequently mentioned thatExpand