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Public sector employment of immigrants can increase their economic assimilation and potentially improve their treatment by government. Yet, as we show using Census data from 1990, 2000, and 2009-11, immigrants are substantially under-represented in federal, state, and local governments. To understand why, we use logit analysis for federal and for state and(More)
Immigrants continue to settle in metropolitan areas across the United States and bring significant changes to various urban labor markets. The current Great Recession which officially 2010) further intensified the debate on immigration. It is important to understand how immigrants fared through this economic downturn and their evolving employment patterns(More)
There is a wide consensus that currently the introduction and consolidation of the Economic and Monetary Union-the most recent degree of European integration process-, and namely the introduction of the single currency, is the strongest European force influencing the environment in which firms operate and compete and also the operational environment of the(More)
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