Jason E. Owen

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OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of online support group (OSG) use by those with chronic health problems and to identify characteristics associated with use of OSGs and face-to-face groups. METHODS: 6, 795 Californians living with chronic health problems were asked to describe OSG use, face-to-face support group use, and(More)
A large number of patients rely on online health communities to exchange information and psychosocial support with their peers. Examining participation in a community and its impact on members' behaviors and attitudes is one of the key open research questions in the field of study of online health communities. In this paper, we focus on a large public(More)
A strength of computer-based interventions is the capacity to tailor to individual differences, but most studies have tailored to self-report, rather than linguistic, data. The purpose of the present study was to develop and evaluate the effects of linguistically-tailored feedback on an Internet-based expressive writing intervention. Two hundred eighty-one(More)
Web and mobile (mHealth) interventions have promise for improving health outcomes, but engagement and attrition may be reducing effect sizes. Because social networks can improve engagement, which is a key mechanism of action, understanding the structure and potential impact of social networks could be key to improving mHealth effects. This study (a)(More)
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