Jason David Bradley

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children today with estimated prevalence rates falling between 3 and 5% of children (American Psychiatric Association, 1994). From inception, research has focused on studying varying facets of this disorder with initial efforts primarily focusing on treatment outcome.(More)
Spot type net blotch caused by Pyrenophora teres f. maculata (Ptm) has become a prominent disease in Western Australia, as has also occurred elsewhere. The disease has a negative impact on both grain yield and quality resulting from reduced grain size. Lack of resistance and stubble retention are the likely factors in the increased severity of the disease(More)
This research presents data pertaining to the development of the recently revised Luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery-III. The final version of this test battery consists of 31 clinical scales yielding 35 scores. The battery was given to 109 non brain-injured controls and 119 brain-injured subjects. High internal consistency was demonstrated for each(More)
Mutating the CAACCCCAA sequence in the RNA component of telomerase causes the synthesis in vivo of new telomere sequences corresponding to the mutated RNA sequence, demonstrating that the telomerase contains the template for telomere synthesis. These mutations also lead to nuclear and cell division defects, and senescence, establishing an essential role for(More)
The HCl in the mammalian stomach is concentrated enough to digest the stomach itself, yet the gastric epithelium remains undamaged. One protective factor is gastric mucus, which forms a protective layer over the surface epithelium and acts as a diffusion barrier Bicarbonate ions secreted by the gastric epithelium are trapped in the mucus gel, establishing a(More)
While the Wisconsin Card Sort Test is a popular procedure used to evaluate executive functions, the test may take extended times to administer, especially in impaired clients. This has led to interest in the development of a short form of the test. Axelrod, Paolo, and Abraham (1997) earlier failed in an attempt to develop a short form of the Wisconsin Card(More)
Basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF) is synthesized as a phosphoprotein by both bovine capillary endothelial and human hepatoma cells in culture. Because basic FGF is characterized by its high affinity for heparin and its association in vivo with the extracellular matrix, we examined the possibility that the phosphorylation of this growth factor by purified(More)
Cathepsin B (EC was purified 746-fold with a 21% recovery from bovine brain by autolysis, fractional precipitation with acetone, carboxy-methyl-Sephadex chromatography, affinity chromatography on a cystamine containing column and gel filtration chromatography. The purified cathepsin B eluted on gel filtration with an apparent molecular weight of(More)