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Integrin-mediated adhesion influences cell survival and may prevent programmed cell death. Little is known about how drug-sensitive tumor cell lines survive initial exposures to cytotoxic drugs and eventually select for drug-resistant populations. Factors that allow for cell survival following acute cytotoxic drug exposure may differ from drug resistance(More)
Apoptosis (programmed cell death) plays important roles in many facets of normal mammalian physiology. Host-pathogen interactions have provided evolutionary pressure for apoptosis as a defense mechanism against viruses and microbes, sometimes linking apoptosis mechanisms with inflammatory responses through NFkappaB induction. Proteins involved in apoptosis(More)
I would first like to thank my advisor, Professor Cosmas Tzavelis. His guidance and support were vital in the process of creating this thesis. His knowledge and expertise in the design of bridges was extremely important throughout this process, and his help was greatly appreciated. and Professor Constantine Yapijakis. I would like to express my gratitude(More)
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