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Morphology at the Interfaces: Reduplication and Noun Incorporation in Uto-Aztecan
This monograph addresses morphology and its interfaces with phonology and syntax by examining comparative data from the Uto-Aztecan language family, and analyses involving reduplication as well as
Hyponymous objects and Late Insertion
This paper argues that the hyponymy relation is attributable to pragmatic interpretation, and applies this analysis to cases of “classifier incorporation” and some residual theoretical issues raised by the Late Insertion analysis of NI, including variation in complementation in denominal verb and NI constructions.
Reduplication in Distributed Morphology
It is argued that the phonology must be an essential part of the grammar in order to account for surface form-oriented prosodic morphology such as reduplication and mora affixation, and defended a blended model of DM which incorporates a constraint-based Correspondence Theoretic vision of Phonological Form.
Borrowed Borrowings: Nahuatl Loan Words in English
This paper catalogs the words of Nahuatl (aka Mexicano) origin that are attested in the Oxford English Dictionary. These words are cataloged under two classifications: semantic and chronological.
Applicative constructions and suppletive verbs in Hiaki
It is shown that the intransitive suppletive verbs may not co-occur with the applicative/benefactive morpheme -ria, despite the fact that several of them are apparently semantically/pragmatically appropriate as potential benefactive actions.
Roots and the Derivation
Contrary to recent work in Distributed Morphology adopting Early Root Insertion (the notion that Roots are present from the outset of the syntactic derivation), we argue that Late Insertion applies
Denominal Verbs in Uto‐Aztecan1
  • Jason D. Haugen
  • Sociology
    International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1 October 2008
Denominal verbs across Uto‐Aztecan are used for several functions, including the indication of such semantic notions as make, use, have, get, become, marry, put on, and remove, as well as some others