Jason D. Balkman

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BACKGROUND Schistosomes are chronic intravascular helminth parasites of humans causing a heavy burden of disease worldwide. Diagnosis of schistosomiasis currently requires the detection of schistosome eggs in the feces and urine of infected individuals. This method unreliably measures disease burden due to poor sensitivity and wide variances in egg(More)
OBJECT Mycoplasma hominis is a rare cause of infection after neurosurgical procedures. The Mycoplasma genus contains the smallest bacteria discovered to date. Mycoplasma are atypical bacteria that lack a cell wall, a feature that complicates both diagnosis and treatment. The Gram stain and some types of culture media fail to identify these organisms, and(More)
Software methods that enable navigation of radiology cases on various digital platforms differ between handheld devices and desktop computers. This has resulted in poor compatibility of online radiology teaching files across mobile smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. A standardized, platform-independent, or "agnostic" approach for presenting online(More)
Radiology studies are inherently visual and the information contained within is best conveyed by visual methodology. Advanced reporting software allows the incorporation of annotated key images into text reports, but such features may be less effective compared with in-person consultations. The use of web technology and screen capture software to create(More)
Paging referring clinicians with imaging results is a frequently repeated "microtask" performed by practicing radiologists. Many institutions use online alpha-paging systems to provide this integral part of safe and efficient patient care. Although sending an alpha-page can often be accomplished within one minute, current tools may disrupt workflow by(More)
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