Jason Coposky

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We present an interactive virtual percussion instrument system, <i>Tabletop Ensemble</i>, that can be used by a group of collaborative users simultaneously to emulate playing music in real world while providing them with flexibility of virtual simulations. An optical multi-touch tabletop serves as the input device. A novel touch handling algorithm for such(More)
AIMS We applied digital image analysis techniques to study selected types of melanocytic lesions. METHODS AND RESULTS We used advanced digital image analysis to compare melanocytic lesions as follows: (i) melanoma to nevi, (ii) melanoma subtypes to nevi, (iii) severely dysplastic nevi to other nevi and (iv) melanoma to severely dysplastic nevi. We were(More)
We present and discuss the design of a virtual musical instrument system that can be used by a collaborative group of users to emulate playing percussive music. An optical multi-touch tabletop serves as the input device for multiple users, and an algorithmic pipeline interprets users' interactions with this touch-sensing table and provides control signals(More)
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