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observable in molecular beam experiments of angular distributions for this reaction at energies well below that of the conical intersection (8). However, other calculations that did not account for the geometric phase gave good agreement with measured angular distributions for this reaction at the same collision energies, which suggests that the effect(More)
This paper outlines a numerical scheme for accurate, detailed, and high-throughput image analysis of plant roots. In contrast to existing root image analysis tools that focus on root system-average traits, a novel, fully automated and robust approach for the detailed characterization of root traits, based on a graph optimization process is presented. The(More)
In this paper we report on development and analysis of a high throughput 3D reconstruction set-up for reconstructing cereal plants grown in pots for their phenotypic analysis. We are motivated with the idea of accurate and high-throughput reconstruction of shoots. We have developed a turntable setup for high-throughput and high accuracy 3D reconstruction of(More)
1 Abstract We report a new resummation procedure for the partial wave series (PWS) representation of the scattering amplitude, when a basis set of Legendre poly-nomials is used for the expansion. The effect of the resummation is to remove from the PWS the factor (α + β cos θ) −r where θ is the scattering angle, α and β are constants and r = 1, 2, 3, ....(More)
It is well-known that hydrodynamic pressures in a thin draining liquid film can cause inversion of the curvature of a drop or bubble surface as it approaches another surface, creating a so-called "dimple". Here it is shown that a more complicated rippled shape, dubbed a "wimple", can be formed if a fluid drop that is already close to a solid wall is(More)
We describe a gas-chromatographic method for p-chlorophenoxyisobutyric acid (I) the active metabolite of clofibrate. The drug and internal standards are separated from either serum or saliva by a double extraction procedure and converted to the corresponding butyl esters by reaction with iodobutane in a mixture of methanol and N,N-di-methylacetamide(More)
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