Jason Christou

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We analyse the drift of an optical vortex soliton created on a slowly diffracting, finite-extend background field. In the framework of the generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation we derive the motion equation describing the change of the ̈ vortex velocity induced by local gradients of the phase and intensity of the background field. We present(More)
We present a brief overview of recent experimental and theoretical results on optical vortex solitons (in particular, those recently obtained at the Australian National University). Special attention is paid to a direct comparison between the experimental data on the structure and motion of vortex solitons created as localized structures in a diffracting(More)
We study the interaction of an optical vortex soliton with a dark-soliton stripe in a bulk nonlinear defocusing medium. We develop a multiscale asymptotic theory to predict the main effect of the interaction and then study it experimentally, observing vortex-induced stripe bending, development of the transverse instability, and stripe breakup.
We present new 2.2 μm diffraction-limited images from the W. M. Keck 10 m and Gemini 8 m telescopes of the cool Galactic Center sources, IRS 1W, 5, 8, 10W, and 21 along with new proper motions for IRS 1W, 10W and 21. These observations were carried out to test the bowshock hypothesis presented by Tanner et al. as an alternative to a very recent (10 yr)(More)
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