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We report on a search for gravitational waves from binary black hole inspirals in the data from the second science run of the LIGO interferometers. The search focused on binary systems with component masses between 3 and 20M. Optimally oriented binaries with distances up to 1 Mpc could be detected with efficiency of at least 90%. We found no events that(More)
In this paper, we model synchronization error channels as hidden Markov models. Through this model we introduce a rhomboidal trellis for calculating information rates for synchronization error channels. In particular, the introduced trellis is novel due to being synchronized with the channel input sequence, i.e., one trellis section corresponds to one(More)
—This paper highlights security issues that can arise when incorrect assumptions are made on the capabilities of an eavesdropper. In particular, we analyze a channel model based on a split Binary Symmetric Channel (BSC). Corresponding security parameters are chosen based on this channel model, and assumptions on the eavesdroppers capabilities. A gradual(More)
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