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UNLABELLED Spasmodic dysphonia is a rare voice disorder that is most successfully treated by injection of botulinum toxin (i.e., BOTOX) into the affected laryngeal muscles. BOTOX is currently available for use by professionals outside of metropolitan voice centers who may be unfamiliar with this rare disorder. Patients may seek assessment and treatment(More)
Several studies have documented age-related changes in speech or voice characteristics, but no study has reported differences across age groups in human laughter. The purpose of this investigation was to identify, describe, and compare the measurements of five acoustic correlates of elicited, spontaneous laughter in twenty- and seventy-year-old males. Five(More)
In 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Research and Development program, Sustainable and Healthy Communities, coined the term TRIO (Total Resources Impact Outcome) to represent approaches that fully incorporate all three pillars of community sustainability—environmental, economic and social. This holistic approach to(More)
Listeners judged the dissimilarity of pairs of synthesized nasal voices that varied on 3 dimensions. Separate nonmetric multidimensional scaling (MDS) solutions were calculated for each listener and the group. Similar 3-dimensional solutions were derived for the group and each of the listeners, with the group MDS solution accounting for 83% of the total(More)
Recent research suggests that sustained attention is punctuated by periodic lapses that produce cyclic variations in sustained human performance. Research conducted by our laboratory (Arruda, Zhang, Amoss, Coburn, & Aue, 2009) and by the laboratories of others (Aue, Arruda, Kass, & Stanny, 2009; Smith, Valentino, & Arruda, 2003) suggests that sustained(More)
  • J L Case, F J Lafontaine, J R Bell, G J Jedlovec, S V Kumar, C D Peters-Lidard +69 others
  • 2015
2013: A real-time MODIS vegetation product for land surface and numerical weather prediction models. 2012: Diagnosis of a dense fog event using MODIS and high resolution GOES satellite products with direct model output. 2013: Transitioning research to operations: Transforming the " valley of death " into a " valley of opportunity ". 2012: Improved regional(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined preferences for different forms of causal explanations for indeterminate situations. Background: Klein and Hoffman distinguished several forms of causal explanations for indeterminate, complex situations: single-cause explanations, lists of causes, and explanations that interrelate several causes. What governs our preferences for(More)
We reviewed the MR examinations of 167 patients who presented over a 3-year period with a chief symptom of hearing loss and/or tinnitus. In 14 of these patients the only MR abnormality was the presence of multiple parenchymal high-signal foci on T2-weighted images. Nine of the 14 had clinical evidence of multiple sclerosis; the remaining five had no(More)
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